Have a great idea but don't know what do to with it? Write it up. Prototype it. Define requirements. Bring it to life. Then get feedback from others, either from invite-only friends or pitch it to the entire Collaborama community.

Team Up

Now you need some help building your idea. How do you find absolutely the best people, from co-Founders to code monkeys to business gurus to help take your idea to market?


Fly through the software development lifecycle like never before. Our unique approach encourages a radical amount of code reuse and development productivity. Code, test, debug, deploy instantly, from anywhere.


The MarketPlace is where you can source what you need and pitch what you have. Pitch your project to investors for funding; find teammates to join your initiative; discover code to reuse; sell services or designs to be used by others; or see the packaged offerings created by the Collaborama Community.